Enda Francis Scott Byrne

A graduate in Communications and with an M.Ed in Educational Technology, Enda Francis Scott Byrne has been working in EFL for over twenty years, firstly in Sudan and for many years in Seville, where he works in one of the largest private Academies in Spain. He has had many positions as a teacher and manager at the school having taught all levels and worked on many projects. At present he is director of one of the school's twelve centres. He is also part of the teacher trainer team, observing classes, writing and giving talks and workshops on all areas of language and teaching. Recently he is project leader responsible for the development of the schools major online investment.

He has acted as a local tutor on the distance DELTA.

He has always been particularly interested in the use of IT in EFL and has given talks and workshops on the subject all over Spain.

He has been a board member of TESOL-SPAIN for many years and is a Past president of the organisation.

He has recently completed a translation course at IH Barcelona and has just passed the first two parts (General and Literature) of the Chartered Institute of Linguistics Diploma in Translation exam (http://www.iol.org.uk/qualifications/exams_diptrans.asp). 

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Catt Boardman

With a degree in French and Spanish Catt Boardman has been working in EFL for over twenty years in Spain. She has taught all levels and held various management posts at the leading language Academy in Southern Spain. She is a teacher and teacher trainer in the company.

She has given talks and workshops on all aspects of language and teacher training.

She has acted as a local tutor on the distance DELTA.

She has been a TESOL-SPAIN Board Member and has been speaker coordinator for various national TESOL-SPAIN Conventions.
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